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  • What is the minimum requirements to eligible for apprenticeship?
    - You must be 18 years or older. - Have Highschool diploma or GED
  • Do my highs school/ college transcripts need to be sealed?
    No, Unsealed transcripts are accepted.
  • If I take a placement test what math class do I need to be placed in?
    Math 65
  • Can I get credit from all previous employers?
    Yes, as long as there is documentation of work experience.
  • What is required for documentation from my previous work hours and referral letters?
    All documentation from previous employers must be on company letter head
  • How should my work be documented?
    It should be documented to show total hours worked. Ex. John Jacobs worked approx 450 hours
  • What if previous employer is no longer in business?
    A check stub may be accepted, as long as the company name, your name, and total hours worked are shown.
  • I am a Veteran, what is required for me to enter the program?
    Veterans must provide a DD-214.
  • If I have been referred to take the exam; do I still need to submit MPR's every month?
    Yes, until you pass the exam you are still an active apprentice and MUST submit your monthly reports.
  • How often are ReRates done?
    Re-rates are accomplished every 800hrs. To see required hours for each period, see current wage scale at home page under resources
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